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Let us answer your questions here, and if there’s anything else at all you need to know, please just get in touch.

Q: How much will it cost?
Once you have your architectural plans, we can look at these along with the property itself to give you a price. Please request a quotation.
Q: How long will it take?
We can give you a more accurate idea once we have seen your plans. Send them over to us to have a look.
Q: Do I need planning permission?
It depends on the property and the project. For some types of loft conversion, you won’t need planning permission, but you will for a basement conversion. The best way to know for sure is to speak to an architect.
Q: Can you recommend an architect?
We work with a number of professionals who we would highly recommend. Please contact us if you would like us to put you in touch with one.
Q: I have a really small basement. Can you do anything with it?
Yes – as long as you have the right planning permission. Most basement conversion projects include digging out some of the basement space, and the structure will then need underpinning, so it is often possible to extend the basement, lower the basement and generally improve the space for you. Seek planning permission and the advice of an architect first, and we can then advise you on the amount of work required to achieve the conversion you have in your plans.
Q: Can I extend my loft?
This will depend largely on the planning permission you get. If you are able to get permission to extend your building upwards, then you may have a number of options. The best idea is to speak to an architect, who can advise you on what is possible with your property and help with the planning application process. Once this in place, we can advise on the logistics and cost of the work.
Q: Can you fit a new kitchen or bathroom for me?
We can, that’s not a problem. We are more than just kitchen fitters and can help you do more with the space you have in your bathroom or kitchen. Ask us for plans or give us your own and see what we can do.
Q: Will you only work on bigger projects?
Not at all. We take on projects of all sizes. Please arrange a consultation to see how we can help.
Q: Can you draw up plans for me?
We aren’t architects, so we cannot create technical drawings or plans. We can, however, create CAD designs, which we often do for kitchens and bathrooms.
Q: I’m a commercial client – can you help?
We can. We work with all types of clients, providing the same high-quality service whoever it is for.

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